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Women are their own, and they orgasm too.

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I read this book/ am reading this book. It’s a psychologist going over different common stereotypes for women, from men. It really breaks them down, and tells you the truth of those stereotypes. It got me thinking about women, and society’s view on them…


When I was a little girl, I decided that I had found the girl I was going to marry (I was about 6) and I told my father about how I would support her on my carear in karate. He waved it off, and told my mother to talk to me. She informed me that women can’t marry other women. Women have to marry men, and vice verse. I waved it off, deciding she didn’t know what she was talking about because I really didn’t want to marry a guy, and I couldn’t see myself doing so. Later on at some point my mother began beating herself up saying “I feel like I’m letting you down. I’m not teaching you how to do the dishes, and cook. You need to do that, it’s your duty to your husband as a women.” I really had no interest in this, because I had already decided I would go out and work just like my father and take care of my family. Me, my wife, and children. Not until I was about 12, did I ever give up on it and decide they were right, and I couldn’t marry a women and be a husband. I would have to marry a man, and be a wife. I was very reluctant to setteling on this, and I saw it wouldn’t bring me as much happiness, had it been the other way around. But nonetheless, I had faith that maybe someday I would meet a guy who was great enough for me to marry, and actually change my mind completely. I only felt this way for a short period of time, and after meeting different guys as I grew up it was still apparent I just wasn’t attracted to them. I tried dating men, but I just couldn’t connect with them on an emotional level, and I was very uninterested in anything physical with them. Eventually I met a girl who brought me back to the realization that I was a lesbian, as I started getting feelings for her. That was when I realized I was, and always had been a lesbian, and I couldn’t just put it on the backburner and be happy. Because my happiness did not lie in a realtionship with a man. From there out I decided I could be the women that I always wanted to be. The women who went out and worked, the women who supported her family, the women who could do whatever she damn well pleased and not have to hear about how unladylike it was. When I began dating that girl I remember specifically thinking “Oh good, now if I am dating a girl maybe I will find that happiness and I won’t feel incomplete. Maybe I will no longer feel like I should be a guy.” Because up until then I did think about being a guy, I fantisized it because on the inside I didn’t feel like people’s version of a women. I even thought about getting a sex change briefly, just because then I could be the person I always wanted to be and have that freedom. But sure enough that was all I needed. It did bring me that happiness that I needed, and I realized that I do have the freedom to be the kind of women I want to be. I have the freedom to be myself. So I am. And I encourage any women to do the exact same thing! People have this misconception that women have to be a certain way, and I am telling you they don’t! They need to explore themselves, and be the people they have always wanted to be! Nothing is holding them back except themselves! This is what women should know, and what men should know about women:

1. Women are sexual beings – Wake up call, women have a clitoris. In the womb, before embryo’s turn into males, or females it’s the exact same tissue that will either make a penis, or a clitoris. Therefore, it’s just as vital as a penis! The clitoris has over 1,000 nerve endings. More that the head of the penis. That’s right the clitoris is more sensitive than the penis. Also, clearly women are sexual beings as that is a part on their body that has absolutely no purpose, except sexual pleasure. So obviously because it’s there, and there’s no other need for it…it’s there for your pleasure.

2. Women orgasm – Yes they do, but the most certainly can hardly ever do it through penetration. Not unless you are ridiculously well endowed, or using a toy. Because it’s very hard to give a girl a vaginal orgasm, because you’d have to hit her g-spot. But yes women do orgasm, rub that clitoris enough (with finger, or…) and yeah, she will orgasm. I’d know! I’ve done it, and I’ve made a women do it many, many times! They come just as hard as men, and can do it again in a shorter time frame!

3. Women can ejaculate! – Here’s something few people know about but if you use you’re hands, or a toy, and probe around on the inside for that g-spot. Which usually feels somewhat spoungey, and torwards her back, rub that, and rub her clitoris and she will have a g-spot orgasm, which often results in ejaculation. That’s right, it will squirt right up at you. Not only that, but if a women has a g-spot orgasm, she can ejaculate up to a liter or fluid!!

That’s all I have to say right now, but I wanted to bring the clitoris into light. Say that it’s just as much a part of you as anything else. And to help you realize women, that if you were born male that would have been you’re “baby” but you weren’t, but it gives you the same feelings it would for a man, so therefore it’s your very own “baby”. Love it, take care of it, take it out for walks.

Something for everyone

Something for everyone


A natural history of homosexuality

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It’s considered common knowledge that homosexual conduct is not viewed in the best light in America. Primarily amongst Christians. We’ve heard all of the things Christians often have to say about gay and lesbian people. Everything from “It’s disgusting!”, “It’s an abomination!” down to “It’s just not right…” but we don’t really know why they say that do we? I mean, we assume it’s in their Bible like they are always saying it is…but do we really know anything about it? Do we just assume that the world around us just isn’t thinking quite as modern? Well, here’s the facts, and if you actually deny this you are just ignorant and that I know for sure. I will deem this one of the most important things I have ever written…

Dominating Sex

In ancient Greece it was very common that men practiced bisexuality. The Greeks viewed sex as a necessary task. As vital as food, or water. In fact, they used sex as a form of dominance. Greeks had a tendency to show how manly they were with their sex, it was meant to be enjoyable for the lesser of the two. So this sex often happened amongst middle aged men, and boys who now would be hardly of consensual age. These men were also allowed to be married, and to still have sex outside of their marriage. Because marriage to them was strictly for reproductive purposes. This was never thought of as strange because it was just a part of their culture, in fact, there wasn’t even a word for homosexuality at that time. It’s even noted in Plato’s works where a man is discussing having sex with another man, and he is talking about finding him attractive. This sexuality went beyond just a need for dominance but there was also much attraction, and enjoyment behind it. And lo, and behold, the first lesbian that has been recorded in history was also a Greek. To the Greeks sex was something you do to someone, so they used dominating words. Whereas here in America, dominating sexual words are frowned upon, words such as “getting laid”, or “fucking”. We say things such as “Let’s make love”, or “let’s have sex” not quite so dominating. It’s two very different cultures.

In Greece sex wasn’t even viewed as male/female. It was viewed as active/passive, aggressive/submissive. While we view it as gender, sex in Greece was viewed more across social status. Actually, Alexander The Great even preferred almost strictly men.

Highly viewed

Here in North America, and through parts of South America homosexuality was also respected, and even revered by some Native American groups. In the Berdache culture, some people were in fact even identified as the opposite sex if their characteristics were such. In most groups they were just identified as a third gender. If a women was able to do things a man could do, and do them well, and vice verse for a man then they were considered going through a “transformation” and they considered it a gift from god. They were very highly revered, and the women would take in wives. In fact, The Amazon did this so much that they were actually named after a group of Greek female warriors. This was noted throughout the America’s even as late as the 1950’s. Now the keypart to their society, is that they viewed men and women as equal. Different jobs, and tasks but of equal importance. They also valued the importance of sex. Thus they naturally accepted diversity in gender and sexual expression. When Western civilization hit America it drove the Native Americans to the far west.With their pressence the French, and English brought over influenza, measles, and smallpox. Killing about 90% of the Native American population. They claimed it was vengence for their “acts of sodomy.” But now where does that come from? Where does Western Civilizations views come from?

The Bible

Sumerians had male prostitutes that would wander throughout their churches, they considered sex the same as an animal sacrifice, and would do this as a gift to god. Manly Biblical passages that are interpreted by some to forbid homosexuality are thought to refer instead to these idolatrous practices. In the Bible, David, who was loved by god, and considered godly said to his friend Jonathan

“Your love to me was wonderful, surpassing the love of women.” – 2 Samuel 1:26

I find it surprising that people haven’t questioned this. Now here’s the thing, this is what tipped Western Civilization, and has brought our current state:

Men not to be in power

Several hundred years after the birth of Christ, the Europeans began making sexual laws (as Rome had become predominatly Christian, and Christianity was spreading through the world) as to what is right and moral. This was when homosexuality now came under the word sodomy. Because there was no word for it prior to this , because it was never really thought of. Even though it was happening all around, and people knew of it, no one thought too much about it one way or the other. It was simply there. It was then that they decided any form of sexuality that did not make reproduction, and enjoyed was “corrupt” and a “sin”. All acts that were considered sinful, began being called sodomy. That’s is how the word sodomy, came to describe homosexuality. After the Europeans decided any sex that did not reproduce, or was too enjoyable, this included: any form other than “missionary” position, oral sex, anal sex, same gender sex, masturbation, mutual masturbation, the “pull out” method, or Christians having sex with Jews, or white people having sex with black people. Anything not bringing forth children, or of pleasure.

Sodom in the Bible

In the Bible Sodom and Gamorah were two cities destroyed by god. “Sodomy” in these ancient writing was by no means simply “homosexuality”. It was masturbation, penile-oral penetration, anal intercourse between heterosexual partners, the “pull out” method, beastiality, all of it was lumped together as acts of sodomy. Strictly due to that lesser chance of conception.

So after that, all same sex relationships were “frowned” upon in Europe. But people weren’t severely punished. Why? Because one of the princes at the time, who had a hand in the writing of these events was having an affair with a man. Even Richard The Lionheart had an affair with a man, and spent the majority of his life with that man even though he was married.

The real reason we’ve learned to hate homosexuality…

Edward the II was also in love with a man. He even seperated from his wife, Isabella of Spain. Isabella moved on and married into French royality. It was said that Edward allowed his lovers to rule through him, and brought a lot of turmoil on England because of this. Isabella was extremely jealous of Edward’s lovers, and angered by her lack of say. When Isabella, and her new husband invaded England they found Edwards lover, and had him beheaded with his genitals cut off and thrown into a fire. Edward, she had killed by a red hot iron being inserted up his anus. After Edward’s murder, homosexuals soon began being completely tortured, and murdered all across England. That hate that they felt for Edward, the anger, was pushed upon people accused of  the same thing as him. It was what they blamed their problems on. When really, it was a bad ruler, and an angry, jelous, cheated on wife.

King Edward II

King Edward II


That is why homosexuality has become so hated. All due to a group of people deciding they knew what the Bible “really meant” and deciding sex was to be shunned. Also, due to a ruler who made wrong decisions and go figure, brought murder on everyone sharing that same thing in common with him, and torture, and hate to others years later. There were still countless other gay men, and lesbians, even in the castle in England after this event. New heterosexual sex positions, oral sex, and birth control are accepted now. We ask why? Because it’s the popular vote. There are millions of straight people in the world, and they all wanted to have sex in the ways they chose. All the while homosexuality is a minority. That is why the views of it have never changed. It’s the unpopular vote.

And here I am

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The reason I made this blog is because I don’t really have any friends here. I’ve lived in this city for about 2 years now. But due to some unfortunate events, the friends that I did have last year all ended in awful ways, and while I seem to be getting some of them back this year, or at least discussing it…they still have very busy lives, as do I. I have a girlfriend, melissa. She’s wonderful, and my everything. However, I am not working as much as I used to so I have all this free time on my hands and here I am. She works often. So I guess I am using this to have someone to talk to for when she’s not here to listen to me jabber on.

I am going to introduce myself in a somewhat cryptic manner, simply because I do not wish to be judged by any one fact or another of myself. So I will slowly let you know more about myself the more you read. I am here to talk about things that interest me, political affairs, and opinions. I see a lot of things wrong with the world, as I am sure everyone does, and I intend to change them and I am using this as an outlet to help me vent, and do such things. If I appear to be bitter in this, do not take me as that because I am in all actuality a very positive person, with a very optimistic outlook. Everyone needs a place to complain though. I am in my early twenties and live in Bellingham Washington. Which is about fifteen minutes south of the Canadian boarder. I live in a bay city. There is a major college here, Western Washington University. I pretty much hate college kids, because they are generally speaking dumb asses. Not all of them of course, but a very large majority. However, they do make things very interesting. They just overpopulate, and prove to be nuisances at times.

I have been with Melissa, my girlfriend for the past three, almost four years. She is my world. We are engaged to be married, but marriage isn’t really that big of a deal to either of us. We already want to be together forever and we don’t really get how a piece of paper that’s signed is going to somehow prolong that. We don’t wish to have kids. We hate children, as a matter of fact. I think they often tie people down more than I wish to be tied down, they also seem to take the spotlight, and I prefer the spotlight be left on both Melissa and I. We have 2 cats. Alice & Charlie. They are both black cats. One tiny, one fat. One grumpy, one sweet. They serve as our children because they are just really awesome. I am a high school graduate. I am not in college, nor have I been to college because I wish to become a massage therapist to make a little bit more money, and then figure out what I “really” want to do, and do it. I also feel that now is when I should be traveling. Not wasting away, paying money to something I don’t know what I will allow to do with my life. My plans with my life change constantly, so I know I am not ready to go to college. I’m not religious. Not in the slightest. I think it is a waste to humanity, and yes “the opiate of the people.” I am very liberal, and I think very left-wing. I have a really hard time getting along with conservatives because that is something I am very passionate about, and it really ties into my lifestyle day to day. And no, I do not do drugs. Those I actually do think are very lame.