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Women are their own, and they orgasm too.

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I read this book/ am reading this book. It’s a psychologist going over different common stereotypes for women, from men. It really breaks them down, and tells you the truth of those stereotypes. It got me thinking about women, and society’s view on them…


When I was a little girl, I decided that I had found the girl I was going to marry (I was about 6) and I told my father about how I would support her on my carear in karate. He waved it off, and told my mother to talk to me. She informed me that women can’t marry other women. Women have to marry men, and vice verse. I waved it off, deciding she didn’t know what she was talking about because I really didn’t want to marry a guy, and I couldn’t see myself doing so. Later on at some point my mother began beating herself up saying “I feel like I’m letting you down. I’m not teaching you how to do the dishes, and cook. You need to do that, it’s your duty to your husband as a women.” I really had no interest in this, because I had already decided I would go out and work just like my father and take care of my family. Me, my wife, and children. Not until I was about 12, did I ever give up on it and decide they were right, and I couldn’t marry a women and be a husband. I would have to marry a man, and be a wife. I was very reluctant to setteling on this, and I saw it wouldn’t bring me as much happiness, had it been the other way around. But nonetheless, I had faith that maybe someday I would meet a guy who was great enough for me to marry, and actually change my mind completely. I only felt this way for a short period of time, and after meeting different guys as I grew up it was still apparent I just wasn’t attracted to them. I tried dating men, but I just couldn’t connect with them on an emotional level, and I was very uninterested in anything physical with them. Eventually I met a girl who brought me back to the realization that I was a lesbian, as I started getting feelings for her. That was when I realized I was, and always had been a lesbian, and I couldn’t just put it on the backburner and be happy. Because my happiness did not lie in a realtionship with a man. From there out I decided I could be the women that I always wanted to be. The women who went out and worked, the women who supported her family, the women who could do whatever she damn well pleased and not have to hear about how unladylike it was. When I began dating that girl I remember specifically thinking “Oh good, now if I am dating a girl maybe I will find that happiness and I won’t feel incomplete. Maybe I will no longer feel like I should be a guy.” Because up until then I did think about being a guy, I fantisized it because on the inside I didn’t feel like people’s version of a women. I even thought about getting a sex change briefly, just because then I could be the person I always wanted to be and have that freedom. But sure enough that was all I needed. It did bring me that happiness that I needed, and I realized that I do have the freedom to be the kind of women I want to be. I have the freedom to be myself. So I am. And I encourage any women to do the exact same thing! People have this misconception that women have to be a certain way, and I am telling you they don’t! They need to explore themselves, and be the people they have always wanted to be! Nothing is holding them back except themselves! This is what women should know, and what men should know about women:

1. Women are sexual beings – Wake up call, women have a clitoris. In the womb, before embryo’s turn into males, or females it’s the exact same tissue that will either make a penis, or a clitoris. Therefore, it’s just as vital as a penis! The clitoris has over 1,000 nerve endings. More that the head of the penis. That’s right the clitoris is more sensitive than the penis. Also, clearly women are sexual beings as that is a part on their body that has absolutely no purpose, except sexual pleasure. So obviously because it’s there, and there’s no other need for it…it’s there for your pleasure.

2. Women orgasm – Yes they do, but the most certainly can hardly ever do it through penetration. Not unless you are ridiculously well endowed, or using a toy. Because it’s very hard to give a girl a vaginal orgasm, because you’d have to hit her g-spot. But yes women do orgasm, rub that clitoris enough (with finger, or…) and yeah, she will orgasm. I’d know! I’ve done it, and I’ve made a women do it many, many times! They come just as hard as men, and can do it again in a shorter time frame!

3. Women can ejaculate! – Here’s something few people know about but if you use you’re hands, or a toy, and probe around on the inside for that g-spot. Which usually feels somewhat spoungey, and torwards her back, rub that, and rub her clitoris and she will have a g-spot orgasm, which often results in ejaculation. That’s right, it will squirt right up at you. Not only that, but if a women has a g-spot orgasm, she can ejaculate up to a liter or fluid!!

That’s all I have to say right now, but I wanted to bring the clitoris into light. Say that it’s just as much a part of you as anything else. And to help you realize women, that if you were born male that would have been you’re “baby” but you weren’t, but it gives you the same feelings it would for a man, so therefore it’s your very own “baby”. Love it, take care of it, take it out for walks.

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